Radar Chart — Why is it on my radar?

Hunter Killer (2018)

in short

It’s common to compare variables on one dimension maybe two, but when it comes to more than that you can start thinking about radar charts. it’s surely catching the eye, points plotted on a radar screen, from the submarine to your analytics, but does it worth it?


We are good at noticing differences between shapes, in that example. two people and five variable will create 5 comparison points

Sample Data of Radar Chart

Try to compare them in the knowns Bar plot, lots of data which is harder to digest, and harder to see the big picture. on the other hand, it’s easier to notice the big gaps (Openness to Experience, Neuroticism)

Radar chart provides a glimpse of compact representation that is a true eye-catcher and can tell you the headlines of a story, help to get the big picture fast enough to draw your attention. then you can start working on the results and make interpretations. I see it as a kind of summary analysis on a very simple level.

For Example, check that great work by Roshaan Khan. It’s the big picture of the comparison among PSL Batsman and Bowlers. Yeah, you need to drill down and find your insights but hey, it’s so easy comparing Batting Average for example!


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